Peru has a rich agricultural tradition, and farmers markets, also known as “mercados” or “ferias,” are an important part of the country’s food culture. These markets offer fresh, locally-grown produce, as well as meats, dairy products, and other foods.

One of the most famous farmers markets in Peru is the Mercado de Surquillo in Lima, which is known for its wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including many unique and exotic varieties that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Other popular markets in Lima include the Mercado de San Pedro and the one we went to Mercado de Magdalena.Peru is known for its diverse and exotic fruits, many of which are indigenous to the country’s tropical and subtropical regions. Some of the most popular and unique types of fruit that grow in Peru include:

  1. Lucuma: This fruit has a sweet, custard-like flesh that is often used in desserts like ice cream and pie.
  2. Chirimoya: Also known as the “custard apple,” this fruit has a creamy texture and a sweet, tropical flavor.
  3. Granadilla: This fruit has a hard outer shell and a jelly-like interior filled with small seeds. It has a sweet, slightly tart flavor.
  4. Aguaje: This fruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and has a bright orange color and a slightly tangy flavor. It is often used to make juices and other beverages.
  5. Camu camu: This small fruit is packed with vitamin C and has a tangy, sour flavor. It is often used in smoothies and other drinks.
  6. Mango: Peru is home to many different varieties of mango, which are prized for their sweet, juicy flesh.
  7. Papaya: This tropical fruit is often eaten fresh or used in salads and smoothies.


We found a local bar in the area and stopped for our favorite Pisco Sours.

One of the most famous types of corn in Peru is “choclo,” which is a large, white kernel corn that is commonly used in traditional dishes like ceviche and anticuchos (skewered grilled meats). Choclo has a sweet and slightly chewy texture, and its kernels are much larger than those of standard sweet corn. Peru is also home to many colorful varieties of corn, including purple, red, and black corn. These varieties are often used in traditional dishes like “chicha morada,” a sweet and refreshing drink made from purple corn.