Farm life

Some of us grew up with playing with tractors and trucks. The lucky ones still do.  On the farm there are plenty of stellar photos opportunities, fresh crops and bounties, and endless DIY organic practical advice.  These lessons come from mistakes and luck.  Want to more about pest control, the strength of a fence, tools, seed starting and the food pyramid, visit a farm.

A thought to chew on: the ability of farmers to develop and practice coping skills around uncertainty as something positive. Most of my adult life I’ve worked to be less anxious about uncertainty. Farmers deal with a massive amount of information, constantly having to tweak the environment. They use almost all the major categories of education to include language and science, biology, geometry, chemistry, marketing, financing, graphic designing, accounting, and a truly staggering amount of math aka algebra. I walk away from a days work on the farm every time with a sense of accomplishment.