Rehoboth is a nostalgic place for me. The boardwalk offers scents of delicious treats and stores full of tchotchkes. The source for the name is the Bible (Gen. 26:22); in early Hebrew, Rehoboth meant “broad places.” English explorers had given this name.   It is often called “The Nation’s Summer Capital” as millions of visitors soak up the sun on the sand.

Some of my favorite times of the year are:
Restaurant Week – For 6 days in June a variety of chefs prepare 3-course meals at downtown restaurants.
Chocolate Festival – Welcome spring with this festival where you can enjoy chocolate treats.
Independent Film Festival (RBIFF) held in November is the oldest and largest event of its kind in the State of Delaware.
Jazz Festival is held in October which has all kinds of jazz and entertainment. This has been running for 2 decades.

I need this in my life.