Mt. Saint Helens Bucket List

We flew into Portland and spent a few days in the city. We also took a drive down the coast. I highly suggest going to the Tillamook cheese factory and finding a local diner for fresh seafood.  We stopped at a local brewery and were pleasantly surprised with the flavors Pelican Brewery produces.

Climbing Mt Saint Helens has been on my bucket list for a while. Read the permit rules and guidelines for hiking this beast. We went at the end of April which gave us the complete seasons this mountain has to offer. The Bivouac was closed due to a large snow storm so we hiked another route so we went to June Lake. The views of the volcanic rocks, gives hikers a clear view. The hike started in the 70’s followed by rain all the way to snow. We hiked all the seasons in 1 day. We also stopped by Ape Cave.  Bring a flash light or 7.