Sunshine on a cloudy day

What is the mystical and at times magical powers of a sunflower?  My research found a couple of avenues to this glorious flower.

In ancient Greece, a nymph named Clytie fell deeply in love Apollo, god of the sun. Although Clytie was beautiful by nymph standards, Apollo did not reciprocate her feelings, or acknowledge it. After nine days of hopeless devotion, the nymph then transformed herself into a sunflower and constantly turned towards the sun so she could always be with the one she loved, somehow. Greek mythology states that she still hopes to see Apollo return to her someday in his bright and beautiful chariot. source  The sunflowers official name is  Helianthus derives from the two Greek words for sun and flower.

Other sources list this flower a symbol of:

  • Long life, mainly since most varieties stand in full bloom for months on end during the hottest days of summer
  • Feelings of adoration, admiration, and platonic love towards a person, such as a family member or friend
  • Loyalty and strong bonds between two people, as represented by the strong and upright stem
  • Seeking out positivity and strength, as the bloom turns to face the sun
  • Nourishing yourself and others, since the sunflower produces an abundance of edible seeds
  • Brightening your mood, through the vibrancy of the yellow or orange petals
  • Good luck and lasting happiness, especially in the Chinese culture source

I can feel the sunshine when these blooms are present in my living space.  I appreciate the aroma and the smile a sunflower brings to my dwelling.