The weekend

Weekend forecast: cocktails, cool parties, mad baking, debauchery, indecorous decisions: calls to your besties. Enjoy  We boys chased the dimple while the lady of the house made 4 flavors of cheesecake along with other savory delights.  The flavors included:
-Baby Ruth caramel, chocolate, vanilla and peanuts
-Milky Way  similar to above without the peanuts
-Almond Joy coconut and chocolate and a little extra sugar and butter
-Reeses Peanut Butter only the actual reese’s peanut butter will do 

My recipe for a perfect weekend.
Breakfast of champions included bloody mary’s before tee off
Lunch with some of my favorite souls
Drinks and a clink to celebrate a Chris win
Fireside chats (FDR style)

As the day winded down I was sitting around the fire with the speckled one pondering my journey while listening to the radio.

You don’t know what’s in store
But you know what you’re here for
Close your eyes, lay yourself beside me
Hold tight for this ride
We don’t need no protection
Come alone, we don’t need attention

Open your hand, take a glass
Don’t be scared, I’m right here
Even though, you don’t roll
Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this

Take it off, you want it off
‘Cause I know what you’re feeling
It’s okay, girl, I feel it too
Let it be, baby breathe
I swear I’m right here
We’ll be good, I promise, we’ll be so good, ayy

Open your hand, take a glass
Don’t be scared, I’m right here
~The Weekend High For Us

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