Sleighed it

It is not very often that northern Virginia receives enough snow to go sledding. We spent the day with friends sledding down the driving range at Aquia Harbour.  Brett and Lilly, Mike the author, Rachel and Keith, Callie, Pete, Reagan and Joey along with Aaron, Maddie, Richardo and myself spent the day with hot chocolate and cold mittens.  The Snowmageddon aka Snowpocalypse of 2021.  Having fun with a flask full of Goldschläger and spiked coffee.  We finished the evening back at the house tasting North Carolina local crafts.

Up the hill we climb
The old sled in tow
Snow flakes pepper my coat
As up the hill we go
Leaving footprints in the snow

They remind us where we’ve been
The trees have shed their leaves
No secrets to hide within
We stop at the top
Set ourselves to go

With a push of our feet
We’re zooming over the snow
Past the footsteps laid
Past a path not yet worn
Veering left
Veering right
Hands covered in mittens
Frost bitten nose
Flying high
Adrenaline pumps wild in my veins

Over bumps
And spots of ice
When we stop
We really just make room
To start again

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