Verrazano Bridge

Fun facts about about this majestic man made overpass.

The Verrazano only took five years to complete. This was a sharp contrast to the Brooklyn Bridge which took almost 16 years from start to finish. .

Regular maintenance of the Verrazano Bridge is a must. It takes approximately 11,530 gallons of paint to help protect the bridge and keep it looking beautiful despite New York City’s harsh weather elements.

Also it is the world’s heaviest bridge weighing a whopping 1,265,000 tons. source

This is the longest suspension bridge in the United States and ranks 11th in the world.

No one is buried in the foundation as claimed in Saturday Night Fever.   3 men did however die during the construction of the bridge.

When the bridge was officially named in 1960, it was misspelled “Verrazano-Narrows Bridge” due to an error in the construction contract; the name was officially corrected in October 2018.


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