Rocklands Winery and Farm

The Rocklands Farm is the perfect serene location to have a wine tasting or a glass of wine.  There is also a market to purchase meat and other goodies.  I enjoyed the craft pizza baked while you sip and relax.  No pets allowed and most of the patrons are families.

Rockland Farms hosted several including a wine camp, live music and more.

This is an active farm with residences in house so be mindful of their personal space.  Take a walk and see the animals.


New Mexico Adventure

Crescit Eundo”
This New Mexico state motto is a Latin motto and in English it may be translated as “It Grows as It Goes.”

Shakespeare ghost town is located a short drive outside Lordsburg NM.  The town has had several names through the years and only acquired its present one in 1879 at the beginning of its second mining boom. It is located here because there was a small but reliable spring located in the arroyo west of the town. text credit

Deming New Mexico
The city, founded in 1881 and incorporated in 1902, was an important port of entry on the US-Mexican border until the Gadsden Purchase of 1853. A nickname was given to the city at the time of its founding, “New Chicago.” It was expected that with the surge of railroad usage, that the city would grow drastically and resemble Chicago, Illinois.

Deming is named after Mary Ann Deming Crocker, wife of Charles Crocker, one of The Big Four of the railroad industry. The Silver Spike was driven here in 1881 to commemorate the meeting of the Southern Pacific with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroads. This was the second transcontinental railroad to be completed in the United States. Credit wiki

Stop by the museum and the port of entry house for customs across the street.  St. Clair is the largest vineyard and winery in New Mexico.  The tasting room is gorgeous and full of flavors.

Willcox waylay free weekend

Just a short drive from Tucson is a hidden gem Willcox once spelled Wilcox. The weather is 15+ degrees cooler and is a green scenic gem.   There is plenty to do in with the locals at an affordable price. The Museums Rex Allen, Friends of Marty Robbins, Chiricahua research  range from $1-3 a person and they are full of unique history.  We found an old dining car with great BBQ and an old train depot (open M-F only)  in the historic district. The Pioneer Cemetery has the smell of history and the views are peaceful. This is the final resting location Warren Baxter Earp brother of Wyatt Earp. Warren was shot on July 6, 1900 by Johnny Boyet.  We spent a 1/2 day hiking Ft. Bowie. The 2 hour hike each way is well worth it.  The grave stone of Little Robe marks the resting place of one a Geronimo’s sons and Col. John Finkel Stone (1836 – 1869) honored by Tucson naming a street after him. The Chiricahua’s are a 30 minute drive next to the Coronado’s camping area is closed during the summer and reopen in September.   If you want to take a break from the hiking opportunities stop by one of the local wine tasting rooms.  We even did a little treasure shopping.  I am now the proud owner of an antique trumpet.