The joy of having a sibling.  There are moments in life that we forever cherish.  For me the gift of time is my love language.  From the moment Sam has touched down we have been having an epic time.  I thank the heavens above he gave me these gifts.  I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of their lives.

These two humans are my world.  If I was given a thousand words I would fall short of how much I love them.  We had an evening of fierce broken dart competition, local brew and improvican.  The greatest of the greatest got together to tickle our giggles.  The Bandits are the best comedy crew in NoVa.  Venee, Don, John, Sam, Greg, Daniel and Jdub never disappoint.  The Fauquier Community Theatre is located at  4225 Aiken Dr, Warrenton, VA.  The FCT was created in 1978 and offers a rich offering of artist and performers.  The historic building is nostalgic and worth the drive.