Easter is important to me.  It’s a second chance. This year of all years has been a second chance for me.  Easter is my favorite holiday for a litany of reasons.  First it’s a religious rebirth a lesson in resilience, growth, faith and love.  Secondly it’s Spring a time of growth and green and the sounds of the beginnings of circle of life.
Easter 2020

According to Volume 5 of Donahoe’s Magazine, a monthly Catholic-oriented general interest magazine that ran from 1878 to 1908, early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs red to mimic the blood that Christ shed during his crucifixion. The church purportedly took up this tradition and it has continued ever since. source

Easter breakfast would not be complete without Pannekoeken.  I added caramel apples to the tradition recipe. This recipe had buckwheat as the main ingredient and was first used in the 12th century. The cultivation of buckwheat in Europe dates back to the 13th century, in the Netherlands and Belgium. Back in the day, they had a different recipe. source


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