Dupont Circle

Rode the Metro into DC today for adventuring around with some great people! Sidewalk and farmers markets, cocktails at The Admiral, checked out Dupont Underground, visited the Barbie Garden on Q Street, had a fabulous brunch, and rounded out the day with a trip to Swingers bar (golf.)

Spending the day with some of my favorite people.  Maris and I met in Tucson at work event and have had many hours of giggles and hops.  We are now both on the east coast and enjoy traveling on water and feet.  We snagged a cocktail while meandering through the vendors pedaling their wares.  The street art is vibrant

Swingers Mini Golf Club has all the vibes.  The food vendors as well as the bar take our parent put put golf concept into the hip scene.  The wait line is long so reservations is a must.  Gourmet Street venues are:
Kneadza Pizza
Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

You can order drinks while you are playing your round of golf.  They have staff walking around to assist with refills.

Fun facts about this neighborhood:
There was once a slaughterhouse here.
The circle was originally adorned with its namesake, a statue of Civil War hero Samuel Francis Du Pont.
Several presidents and Alexander Graham Bell lived here.
Back when Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were still young “pistols”—and FDR was merely the assistant secretary of the Navy—Dupont Circle was their stomping ground. source

Barbie Pond is an obscure local must see adventure.  It’s a short 15 minute walk from the metro located at: 1454 1/2 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20009.  This is someone’s personal home and they change the decor seasonally.