Pumpkins – Pompons- Pumpion

The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for “large melon” which is “pepon.” “Pepon” was changed by the French into “pompon.” American colonists changed “pumpion” into “pumpkin.

Easy no bake cheesecake recipe:
  1. Stir in 1 can of pumpkin pie filling,  a block of cream cheese at room temperature, 1 cup whipped topping, together in a large bowl until smooth. Next spread into the prepared pie crust.
  2. Refrigerate pie until the filling is set, 4 to 6 hours.



Capturing life while creating art

This photo was taken while riding on the Fire Island Ferry.   The round trip ride is around 1.5 hours and offers views of the shoreline and the ocean.

The times are seasonal so ensure you have the current times.  Also important note there are no restrooms on the ferries.


Dumbo, New York

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

The are has two sections: one located between the bridges of  Manhattan and Brooklyn and the other continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area.  After being redeveloped by David Walentas first becoming a mecca for artist and galleries and later a center for technology startup companies.

Jane’s Carousel was restored 1922 carousel set in Brooklyn Bridge Park is a fun nostalgic ride.  We were day on a day it was closed sadly.

Address: Old Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Thursday 11AM–6PM
Friday 11AM–6PM
Saturday 11AM–6PM

A few of my favorite shots from our visit. Spend the day walking around having ice cream and pizza.  We walked to Brooklyn Heights along the toe path.

My favorite muse Josiena Julia Lourdes.

Grimaldi’s Dumbo New York

The story behind “The Great Pizza War.”

Patsy Grimaldi, the founder of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, learned to make pizza at age ten at Patsy’s Pizzeria, his uncle Patsy Lancieri’s restaurant in Italian Harlem in 1941. Decades later, Grimaldi decided to go into business for himself and originally planned to own his own restaurant in Manhattan. However, Grimaldi believed coal-fired brick ovens produced the best pizza and knew coal ovens were illegal in Manhattan.

As a result, Grimaldi opened Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York in 1990.

In the late 1990s, Patsy Grimaldi retired, selling the Grimaldi’s name and franchise (except for the Hoboken locations) to restaurateur Frank Ciolli. In 2011, the building’s owner declined to renew Ciolli’s lease, so he renovated an abandoned bank next door and moved the restaurant over. The next year, Patsy Grimaldi came out of retirement and opened a new pizzeria called Juliana’s Pizza in the original building, resulting in enmity between himself and Ciolli.


Fire Island, New York

Fire island is approximately 31 miles (50 km) long and varies between 520 and 1,310 feet. Interesting fact parts of the island do not have roadways. This is the perfect off-the-grid seclusion, stunning beaches and trendy bars.

 The beaches are composed mainly of white quartz sand.

Ferries access Fire Island from three Long Island towns: Bay Shore, Patchogue, and Sayville. Also the Davis Park Ferry out of Patchogue goes to the Bay Shore to the westernmost Fire Island.

The first lighthouse built on Fire Island was completed in 1826. For many European immigrants, the Fire Island Light was their first sight of land upon arrival in America. The lighthouse has undergone reconstruction and upgrades over the years. The Lighthouse is open to climb weekends 10 am to 4 pm.

This is the perfect way to spend the day walking around the island and taking photos.

This map is courtesy of http://npmaps.com/fire-island/

Kosher Deli’s on Long Island

We did a take out order at Regals Kosher Deli.  I had their blockbuster potato knish stuffed with pastrami.  The location is easy to miss tucked on the corner.  If you are looking for authentic cuisine go to Regals.  The no frill tables and decor should not detour you from dining. The rubber plant is the largest I have ever seen.  

1110 Old Country Rd # A, Plainview, NY 11803
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 10AM–9PM
Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM

Phone: (516) 938-3588

Lucketts, VA

“I must have flowers always.”  This quote describes the sunshine Lucketts brings to my life.

This quaint and seemingly untouched town was originally called Black Swamp.  They say it is because of the Black Oak trees growing in the area. The town later became known as Goresville from the late 18th century until the mid-19th century.  The town derived its name after a Thomas Gore a prominent local man.  In 1865 the town changed its name again to  Lucketts in 1865. The town’s Lucketts School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When I am looking for a unique gift for a creative person I go meander through the antique stores.  A must stop are my favorites:
Bee Keepers Cottage
* The Old Lucketts Store
* Rust and Feathers

There is the design house that has various dates to which it is open.  I have not been able to be there on those days but here it is stellar.

This last trip we scored an Elvis Presley record, metal basket, 2 old photos mounted on a board with a news blurb and a must have tote Lucketts tote bag.

The shops are open mostly 10-5 everyday of the week.  Most of the shops are located around the only stop light in Lucketts.

Amityville Horror

Amityville Horror 112 Ocean Avenue
Ronald Joseph “Butch” DeFeo Jr. (born September 26, 1951) , killed 6 family members with a.35 Marlin rifle on ‎November 13, 1974. He was convicted of ‎6 counts of ‎second-degree murder and is serving at the ‎Sullivan Correctional Facility.

He killed his siblings, Dawn DeFeo (18), Allison DeFeo (13), Marc DeFeo (12), John Matthew (9) DeFeo, along with his parents Louise DeFeo and Ronald DeFeo, Sr.