Rogers Spring a natural hot spring

Ground water discharge from springs along the Rogers Spring Fault totals approximately 1,000 gallons per minute. Due to the importance of these springs from both an ecological and recreational standpoint, the National Park Service remains vigilant in protecting these water features from potential adverse effects associated with nearby, large-scale ground water pumping from the regional carbonate-rock aquifer.

As this ground water flows south through the carbonate rocks, it encounters several faults along the way, including the Rogers Spring Fault, which has caused the older carbonate rocks (primarily limestone and dolomite) to be displaced against younger evaporate deposits of the Muddy Creek and Horse Spring formations.

Lost But Not Forgotten

The nation’s largest reservoir has hit a series of troubling milestones over the past year, sinking to a record low in late June. Now, in the latest benchmark for the new Lake Mead, a town that flooded shortly after the completion of the Hoover Dam in 1938 has literally risen from the depths.

The ghost town — once called St. Thomas, Nevada — was founded as a Mormon settlement in 1865 and had six bustling businesses by 1918.

Wickenburg, AZ

Desert Caballeros Western Museum        (early history)

1960: Founded as a private non-profit institution by Morton Bodfish, Roy Coxwell, H. K. “Mac” MacLennan, Katherine McCrady, William Weeks
1966: name legally changed to Maricopa County Historical Society dba Desert Caballeros Western Museum
May 8, 1969: officially opens to the public, housed in the former Brayton’s Commercial Company building
December 21, 1972: fire consumes the entire building

Address: 21 N Frontier St, Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Sunday 12–4PM
PMMonday 10AM–5PM
Tuesday 10AM–5PM
Wednesday 10AM–5PM
Thursday 10AM–5PM
Friday 10AM–5PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM